How To Get A Woman

How To Get A Woman

If only it was as easy to get a woman as it is to just go get a new car. Shop for the features you want, get some financing, haggle a bit over the price, and then take that sleek, curvacious model home.

Well, it may not be quite that easy, but you can definitely use some strategies and tactics to discover how to get a woman in your life. Attraction is not a choice, and when you learn how to use the laws of attraction to your advantage, you'll have everything you need to know for how to get a woman.

I'm going to show you three secret techniques for how to get a woman to want you, and how you can use them to become the prize that women will give anything to possess.
How to get a woman - Technique 1: Understand how women work.

This is actually much easier than it sounds. I'll give you a few basic principles to start you off.

First of all, women are conditioned to nurture connections.

It's the most important part of her life. All that time she spends on the phone?

Yes, that's to maintain and cultivate a connection. So use that understanding to build your own skills of rapport to establish a strong and enduring bridge between you and her. (The best way to do this is to use shared emotional experiences.)

The next thing you should know is that a woman will desire you more if she feels like you can easily do without her. That means that she isn't looking for a man who is eager to become too reliant on her too quickly - or a man that is so insecure that he wants a woman to "complete him."

She has to feel that you are independent and separate person from her so that she knows you're strong enough to protect her later on.

It's not hard to learn how to get a woman to want you when you really understand those two principles.
How to get a woman - Technique 2: Everything has emotional content.

One of the toughest parts of attraction for men to understand is that everything in life has emotional content. When men only talk about the facts and "action," they miss out on most of the opportunity to connect with women. And you want to know how to get a woman to talk about her feelings.

So to become a true Casanova of the best kind, you have to really learn how to focus in on the emotional content of what she says. She will give you clues to her emotional focus, or you can easily discover it for yourself with this one conversation trick - ask her this one question: "What did you think about that?"

As in, she's talking about how one of her friends has been avoiding her, so you ask "What did you think about that?"

Now, of course, we men would proceed to dissect the situation into what we "logically" deduce, but a woman will hear "What did you think about that?" and immediately tell you how she FEELS about it. And this is what we want to hear from her. Just hang back and listen, and she'll instantly be more attracted to you without being sure why.

Once you get the knack of asking that question of women, you're going to find her leaning in closer, smiling more, and becoming more interested in you with each minute that passes.
How to get a woman - Technique 3: It's all in the space between the notes.

This may sound contrary to what you think, but for how to get a woman, at least half the attraction you want to build is done when you're not there. There is a rhythm of being there with her, getting her involved and interested in you, and - as the saying goes - the absence that will make her heart grow fonder.

Most attraction is built in this rhythm.

Always be sure to leave deliberate space in your time you spend with a woman so that she can comfortably experience your absence. As a woman once said, "It's the space we need so that we know you won't run us over."

You can simply walk off for a bit while shopping with her, or wait a day before you call her back again. There are numerous ways to insert these spaces in your rhythm, so be sure to use them. It requires self-control, but that's what she expects from you anyway.

How to get a woman is as simple as employing these three basic techniques in all your interactions with women.

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